Barefoot Massage (Ashiatsu)

Empowering Wellness, Embodying Luxury

Barefoot massage or Ashiatsu (Ashi=feet and astsu=pressure in Japanese) is a form of bodywork used in many countries such as India, Fuji, Hawaii, and Japan as well as other parts of Asia.  It has different names and practices but the goals are common.  It’s a broad contact deep compression massage performed with the feet only.  Practiced in the floor on a premium mat designed for Thai yoga massage and Ashiatsu, you will be draped the same way as for a table massage and oil will be applied to the skin,  The practitioner uses stools to balance and moderate pressure.  This massage is similar to Swedish relaxation massage with long flowing strokes but more pressure can be applied.  The therapist’s feet are always washed and sanitized just like a therapist’s hands are before a table massage.  The benefits of this style of massage are stress reduction, pain relief, increased range of motion, increased flexibility, and increased recovery time.