Breast Massage

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Your breast tissue extends all the way into the area under your armpit. There are many lymph nodes in this part of the body and massaging them may help stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for helping your body flush out toxins. If you’ve had surgery on your lymph nodes, you may experience a buildup of waste fluids called lymphedema. You may also hear this type of breast massage referred to as manual lymph drainage.

If you’re feeling sore, breast massage can also help ease the tension in your chest muscles. These muscles are called your pectorals. Perhaps you participate in activities, exercises, or sports that strain these muscles. The pectorals are shaped like triangles and rest underneath your breasts. If you develop tension in your back, you may compensate by tensing your chest muscles as well.

Massage to the chest can bring on more lasting relaxation than massaging the back alone. In fact, if you have only your back massaged, your brain will still sense the tension in your chest when your session is complete. As a result, the brain may send tension back to your back to rebalance the forces in the two areas of your body.

What to expect when receiving a breast massage treatment:

You may stop the treatment no matter the reason at any time.

Some techniques are done over the sheet or directly on the skin, some techniques require one breast or both undraped.    The therapist will work through the beast tissue, into the armpit, ribs, neck and other surrounding areas.  At no time will the areola or nipple be treated.